Machines that Face and Body by Dorothy uses to improve your body shape came from Italian company with over 50 years tradition in constructing devices for physiotherapy and hospitals. From over 15 years they also create instruments designed to use in cosmetology industry.

On this website you can read descriptions of our best treatments:

First of all, electrotherapy - this method electro-stimulates your muscles. The belt form electrode is used to wrap your abdomen, hips and thighs. Half an hour of this therapy is comparable to muscle work during two hours training at a gym but it will not make your muscle grow. After one treatment you can lose total up to 20cm in your waist, hips and thighs.

Another very interesting method is electro-scultur - similar to algae body wraps but without additional cosmetics nor creams. After just one treatment, your body size will reduce and well as cellulite, in combination with the electric blanket common weight loss is 2lbs per session.

We also provide lymphatic drainage, which is used for people having problems with swelling. These face and Body treatments will purify the body, through the release of harmful products of metabolism, and delivery of their vessels to the organs lymphatic filter, and then be removed from the body with urine.

Another treatment is facial micro-lifting which is particularly recommended in case of saggy chicks and baggy eyes. It also reduces body fat, edema, increases skin firmness and elasticity.

Face and Body by Dorothy’s short treatment time allows the customers to save time, while taking care of the figure.

Hope to see you soon!

Dorothy Krasuska